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Jennifer Sanders

Adjunct Faculty


Jen Sanders is an adjunct professor at the University of St. Thomas. She began teaching at St. Thomas in 2018. Dr. Sanders completed her doctorate in Systematic Theology, with a minor in Hindu-Christian Comparative Theology, at Boston College in 2017. Her areas of expertise are Thomas Aquinas and Bernard Lonergan on theological method and the Trinity. Dr. Sanders’ most recent scholarship involves continuing the work of Frederick Lawrence on transposing the psychological analogy for the Trinity into the hermeneutically and existentially rich realm of “conversation.” Specifically, she explores how the entrance of the divine conversation into the human conversation functions to redeem deteriorating human conversations, and the role conversation in human and historical becoming. She is especially interested in the relationship between conversation and nonviolence, as well as the relationship between systematic theology and the communication of the Christian message (as modeled by Thomas Aquinas, the Dominican preacher and teacher). Her research interests in Hindu-Christian theology involve exploring how Advaita Vedanta may illuminate Christological questions. Dr. Sanders has presented on Aquinas, Lonergan, Hindu-Christian comparative theology, environmentalism, and nonviolence at conferences such as the Catholic Theological Society of America, the College Theology Society, the Lonergan Workshop, the Patristic, Medieval and Renaissance Conference, the Annual Fallon Memorial Lonergan Symposium, Lonergan on the Edge, and Christ the King Seminary Conference for Collaborative Philosophy, Theology, and Ministry. 

Dissertation: The Trinitarian Telosof the Summa theologiae: Thomas’s Application of the Aristotelian Ordo Disciplinaeto Sacra Doctrinain light of his Augustinian Heritage