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Art History and Museum Studies

The Intersection of Art and Life

The next generation of art historians have found a home in the dynamic Art History Graduate Programs at the University of St. Thomas. In addition to mentorship in the classroom, our faculty members take pride in collaborating and creating with students — many conference papers, journal articles, and research grants have emerged from these partnerships.

Our flexible programs give students the opportunity to gain mastery of core concepts, while providing the ability to explore areas of passion and interest. Our students report that they find the quality of their education to be high, their colleagues to be committed and focused, and the Twin Cities to be an engaged arts community. Our student contributions to the profession have been outstanding, and many have found positions as adjunct faculty, Ph.D. candidates, and curators.

Program Options

Art history is not only about memorizing facts and dates, but also about asking questions, undertaking research, and using analytical tools to find answers. In our program, one learns to think critically and write and present for a variety of audiences as skills are formed for a variety of career paths from teaching to curation and beyond.

Graduate Art History Course Offerings 

Courses encompass a variety of media and global cultures that are considered through an inclusive and contextual approach to art that examines its social, economic, political, and religious importance from an inclusive perspective.

Person looks at an Asmat carving in the American Museum of Asmat Art

Certificate in Museum Studies

There is a joint program option that combines our MA with the Graduate Certificate in Museum Studies. Twelve (12) of the fifteen (15) required credits for the Certificate also satisfy requirements in the MA program.

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Laura Thayer '08, Writer

My time at St. Thomas taught me how to look, to question, and above all to wonder. These experiences shape everything I have written. The deep and continued friendships--both with fellow students and professors--has been a valuable support that I continue to cherish."

Ciao Amalfi

Dakota Hoska '19, Assistant Curator of Native Arts

"There were many things I liked about my program. I never thought I was just a number or an invisible student. I felt that it was very easy to connect with my teachers and advisers and it was so easy to select and register for classes and to attend classes while working during the day.”

Native Arts Department, Denver Art Museum

Jayne Cole ‘18, Ph.D. Candidate

“My time at the University of St. Thomas was incredibly formative. The opportunity to explore a variety of art historical topics, the professional experience gained through assistantships and conferences presentations, the collegial environment, and most importantly, the faculty and staff support.”

Jayne Cole ’18 recently completed her PhD examinations at the University of Oregon

Joshua Feist ‘11

Joshua’s coursework included an assistantship at the American Museum of Asmat Art, a trip to Ghana to conduct research and deliver a presentation on indigenous architecture, and several classes spanning a variety of time periods, cultures, and artistic genres.

Director of Grantmaking

Graduate Student Handbook and Course Catalog

The CAS Graduate Student Handbook and Course Catalog outlines requirements and policies for students in our graduate programs and compiles information on all of the college's graduate courses. Any issues not mentioned in this handbook are governed by general University of St. Thomas Graduate Policies.