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A look at our leaders and philosophy

Leadership and Vision

Educating the Whole Person

Believing in the fundamental compatibility of faith and reason, the Leadership Team for the College of Arts and Sciences is committed to educating the whole person, giving life to our liberal arts mission through the Core Curriculum and programs in the Arts, Humanities, and Social and Natural Sciences.

Fostering the pursuit of truth and knowledge within and across disciplines, we emphasize critical thinking, artistic expression, communication skills, and the value of life-long learning. 

Signature Programs that emerged from this vision include:

  • Empower Program which builds on Study Abroad
  • Ready to Run
  • Community Partnerships
  • Teach-in Tuesdays
  • A focus on research within all disciplines

Associate Deans for the College of Arts and Sciences

Jayna L. Ditty headshot

Jayna L. Ditty

Associate Dean Jayna Ditty manages faculty affairs, enrollment management, course scheduling and registration.

Jayna Ditty
Kimberly Vrudny headshot

Kimberly Vrudny

Associate Dean Kim Vrudny's duties include oversight of DEI, graduate programs, curriculum, assessment and program review.

Kim Vrudny
Kristine Wammer

Kristine Wammer

As Associate Dean, Kris Wammer oversees college budgets, research, external grants and study abroad programs.

Kris Wammer
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Tommie leaders in action

Student Ambassadors

The College of Arts and Sciences Student Ambassadors are student leaders, serving as a bridge between students and administration in the College of Arts and Sciences.

Meet the current Student Ambassadors

The Board of Advisors

The Board of Advisors for the College of Arts and Sciences is a group of leaders in the Twin Cities and beyond guiding the initiatives and vision of the college in partnership with the Dean. The board of advisors is comprised of:

Lisa Anderson
Ann Folkman
Chris Heim
Peter Leyden

Brian McEnaney
Reuben Moore
Jim Nikolai
Harold Slawik

Sharon Stein
Kelley Thomes Ries
Pahoua Yang Hoffman