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Statue in Grand Prado, Madrid

Immerse in the culture, master the language

Graduate Programs in Spanish

Graduate Programs in Spanish

The Master of Arts in Spanish at the University of St. Thomas provides students with an in-depth understanding of one or more of the following:

  • Hispanic Cultures, Literatures and Linguistics
  • Spanish Teaching and Language Pedagogy
  • Spanish for Professions

Customizable according to student needs, the MA in Spanish offers a solid foundation in the intellectual and cultural history of Latin America, Spain and the U.S. with training in Hispanic linguistics, language pedagogy and Spanish for a wide range of professions.

We offer a flexible program that students design in consultation with their graduate advisor, accessible course delivery with evening and summer courses, and traditional, hybrid, and online course formats. The MA in Spanish prepares students for a variety of careers including:

  • College-level teaching
  • Bilingual work in fields such as education, business, law, government and social services, social work and medical professions
  • Continued study at the doctoral level.

Program Options

While gaining insights into Hispanic cultures, literature, and linguistics you’ll go well beyond mastering the Spanish language in this program.

Graduate Spanish Course Offerings

Our traditional, on-line and hybrid courses help students speak, write and understand the language, Spanish history and culture.

Graduate Student Handbook and Course Catalog

The CAS Graduate Student Handbook and Course Catalog outlines requirements and policies for students in our graduate programs and compiles information on all of the college's graduate courses. Any issues not mentioned in this handbook are governed by general University of St. Thomas Graduate Policies.