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The Incarnation changes everything.

Catholic Studies Graduate Program

Catholic Studies Graduate Program

The University of St. Thomas Catholic Studies Graduate Program is a transformative opportunity to engage with the Catholic faith intellectually while enriching your life, work and sense of purpose.

While most graduate programs focus on a particular academic discipline, our program incorporates multiple academic disciplines – theology, philosophy, history, literature, science and the arts – into every course. In Catholic studies, you will deepen your ability to see the unity of knowledge and develop a coherent vision of your whole life and work.

The program offers a range of course options: on-ground, online and educator-focused. All courses are taught by our nationally and internationally recognized, joyfully Catholic teacher-scholars.


Vincent Ruiz-Ponce

Graduate Program Coordinator
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Mary's Other Yes

"Mary's Other Yes" Event

At the Annunciation, Mary famously assents to the proclamation of the angel and is privileged to become the Mother of God. It’s a pivotal moment. Yet Mary’s entire life is characterized by her “Yes” to God. Her life is, as Swiss Catholic mystic Adrienne von Speyr writes, “bound together by her assent.”

Join Dr. Erika Kidd and members of the St. Thomas Catholic Studies community as we explore the freedom and courage of Mary’s “Yes.”

Wednesday, December 1, 12 p.m.-1 p.m. CST

Live on Zoom

Degree Options

The Catholic Studies Graduate Program offers a variety of degree and certificate options, each of which includes both online and on-ground course offerings.

Graduate Programs in Catholic Studies Course Offerings

Our courses introduce you to the breath of over two thousand years of Catholic thought and culture through the interdisciplinary way of thinking central to Catholic Studies.

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Sitzmann Hall Catholic studies graduate program video.

The Catholic Studies Graduate Experience

Faithful Study. Purposeful Reflection. Work Transformed.

“There is a Catholic integration of the whole world. The whole world is sacramental. It’s about the whole person. It’s about engaging the mind and the body and the soul.”

Faith and reason are like two wings on which the human spirit rises to the contemplation of truth…so that by knowing and loving God, men and women can come to the fullness of truth about themselves.

St. John Paul the Great, Fides et Ratio

Graduates of Catholic Studies

Stephen Maas, Catholic Studies Alumnus Fr. Kyle Kowalczyk ‘16, Catholic Studies Alumnus Chapel of St. Thomas Aquinas
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Stephen Maas, ’03 CSMA

“Faith and reason are wedded in every aspect of our lives, if we but pay attention.”

The Toymaker
02 / 03

The Artful Priests

What happens when you put a hillbilly, a poet-comic, a thespian and a jazz musician on a diet of standard Catholic studies fare – Aquinas, Chesterton?

The Artful Priests
03 / 03

Jenny Kraska, ’05 JD/MA

Politics is not about power. It’s about charity.

The Bridge Builders