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St. Thomas Arches

Graduate Courses in Catholic Studies


The Catholic Studies graduate program offers an academically rigorous, interdisciplinary exploration of 2,000 years of Catholic thought and culture.

In Catholic Studies we are interested in everything. Each course integrates philosophy, theology, history, and the arts to provide a Catholic vision that sees the whole of reality – in the work we choose, the decisions we make, and the culture we build. By engaging in the Catholic Intellectual Tradition, our graduate students are transformed personally and spiritually.

Our courses focus on a variety of topics, pivotal thinkers, great works, and important themes that contribute to this integrated vision of the Church. We put the pieces of the tradition together. We don’t just read Augustine’s Confessions. We learn how Augustine builds on the genius of Virgil and forms the heart of Dante.

Our graduate students are enrolled full-time or part-time, and our courses can be taken in-person, online, or in combination.

Curriculum Overview