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On one end of campus there’s a Dr. diving into the intersection of mass media and the environment from social, cultural and historical perspectives. Elsewhere, you’ll be able to interact with a professor who is developing a theory of Hoodoo Ethnography—a radical Black ethnography that embraces the rich and traumatic past and present experience of Black people in order to explore and imagine possible just and equitable Black spaces and futures. And, in another building there is someone studying the impact of goal setting and message framing on people's commitment to reducing their transportation-related carbon emissions.

The human brain can solve complex problems and the bright minds at work at St. Thomas are working towards that every day. Even better, you’ll pass by them in the hallways, get to know them in their offices and receive personal attention from them in the classroom.

publications from CAS faculty annually

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Faculty in the College of Arts and Sciences are active scholars in their fields, publishing books, research studies, articles and papers, while also presenting and lecturing outside of the University. In addition to faculty publications, student publications such as master's essays and qualifying papers are also housed in our Research database.


Publications from the College of Arts and Sciences

Summit Avenue Review

The student-edited art and literary magazine of the University of St. Thomas.

Summit Avenue Review

Logos: A Journal of Catholic Thought and Culture

An interdisciplinary quarterly committed to exploring beauty, truth and vitality of Christianity.

Logos: A Journal of Catholic Thought and Culture

New Hibernia Review

A multidisciplinary quarterly journal offering plainly argued writing on Irish life and culture

New Hibernia Review