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A student writes Latin words on a blackboard during a Latin class.

Broaden your horizons

Modern and Classical Languages

About the Department of Modern and Classical Languages

Speaking a second language equips you with a valuable skill that not everybody possesses.

The Department of Modern and Classical Languages is deeply committed to the idea that studying a foreign language expands your outlook and interests. Our programs will give you the opportunity to look into the intellectual and social lives of other cultures and cultivate a deeper understanding of people from a diverse range of backgrounds.

All of our majors and minors provide a basis for careers in fields as varied as secondary and higher education, government foreign service, non-governmental international organizations, world trade, international banking, social services, Peace Corps, translating/interpreting, journalism, engineering and more.

Our Majors and Minors

Our majors and minors are gateways to deepening your knowledge of other cultures while you enhance your language skills at the same time.

Related Degrees

Our programs pair well with a number of others at the university.

Languages Offered

We offer an array of languages for you to study throughout your time at St. Thomas.

American Sign Language chart
Book written in Arabic.
Pagoda temple in China.
Student writing in Latin on a chalkboard.
Bridge in Paris at dusk.
The German flag.
Cathedral in Rome, Italy.
Mount Fuji in Japan at dusk.
Stack of books all titled “501 Spanish Verbs.”


All of our faculty are dedicated to helping you master the language you choose to study and expanding your knowledge of other cultures throughout your time at St. Thomas.

Headshot of Dr. Paola Ehrmantraut.

Dr. Paola Ehrmantraut

Dr. Ehrmantraut is interested in gender, masculinities and post-dictatorship culture in South America. She is currently doing research focused on anti-patriarchal men in Argentina, Chile and Uruguay, and the communities they are creating because of their activism.

Dr. Paola Ehrmantraut
Headshot of Dr. Lorina Quartarone.

Dr. Lorina Quartarone

Dr. Quartarone recently presented research on Vergil's poetry at the Conventiculum Peregrinum in Lago di Garda, Italy, as well as the Classical Association of the Middle West and South in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Dr. Lorina Quartarone
Dr. Susanne Wagner speaks at a podium during a lecture.

Dr. Susanne Wagner

Dr. Wagner is an active member of the Twin Cities German community. She conducts regular outreach to German high school programs, collaborates with local German non-profits and curates internships and volunteer opportunities with 25 German companies in the Twin Cities.

Dr. Susanne Wagner

Student Resources

As a student in any of our programs and courses, you will have access to multiple resources that will help you deepen your knowledge of the language and culture you are studying.

Students look over papers during a tutoring session.


Visiting Fulbright scholars serve as tutors in our department. They will help you sharpen your language skills and deepen your cultural knowledge.

Members of the German Club pose for a photo holding tiny German flags at the Spring Activities Fair.

Student Organizations

You can join several different student clubs in our department and form lifelong friendships with your peers outside of the classroom.

Tommie Link

Contact Information

Mailing Address

Third Floor O'Shaughnessy Education Center
University of St. Thomas
2115 Summit Avenue
St. Paul, MN 55105

Campus Location

We are located on the third floor of the O'Shaughnessy Education Center.