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Paola Ehrmantraut

Associate Professor

American Culture and Difference
Diversity Leadership
Modern and Classical Languages
Women, Gender, & Sexuality Studies

  • Research Interests
  • Gender and its representations in Latin American culture

I have been in St. Thomas since 2009. I have taught language courses, Latin American Culture and Civilization courses and co-taught, with Prof. Meg W. Karraker, an Aquinas Honors course titled “Latin American Women in the Zone of Conflict”. My interest is in gender and its representations in Latin American culture. Currently, I am researching how masculinities are negotiated in Argentine film and literature.

I am a member of the Film Studies Advisory Board, the Women’s Studies Advisory Board and an affiliated faculty to the American Culture and Difference to Women’s Studies Programs.

“Nueva pobreza: ansiedades de la clase media en clave apocalíptica en El oficinista de Guillermo Saccomanno” Chasqui, forthcoming 2016.

Masculinidades en guerra. Malvinas en literatura y el cine. Córdoba, Argentina: Editorial Comunicarte, 2013.

“Embattled Masculinity: the Malvinas War Hero in Halcones de Malvinas. Experiencia de aquellos que lucharon ‘Con Dios en el alma y un halcón en el corazón’ by Pablo M. R.Carballo.” Argentine Modern Masculinities. Ed. Carolina Rocha. London, UK: Intellect, 2013.

“The Aftermath of Violence: Coming to Terms with the Legacy of the Malvinas/Falklands War” Arizona Journal of Hispanic Cultural Studies. Volume 15. 2011.