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Stained glass in Albertus Magnus Chapel

Publications from Center for Catholic Studies

Center and Institutes Publications

A Cluny media book cover on Western culture and education from Christian perspective.
Respect in Action book cover
A Christian Catholic Leadership book with front cover of Christ the Teacher icon, Pantocrator.
Photo of St. Peter’s dome and male business executive silhouette on Holy See Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development on business and vocation publication.


For more information, or to inquire about discounts on bulk quantities on Vocation of the Business Leader and Respect in Action, please email: cathsocial@stthomas.edu.

Photo of a blue Catholic interdisciplinary academic journal front cover with return to Rome theme.

The Center’s Scholarly Journal

Logos: A Journal of Catholic Thought and Culture

"In every era, Catholic understanding seeks engagement with tradition. In the pages of Logos, these two dimensions are fully and splendidly present. …" - Carol Zaleski, Professor of World Religions, Smith College