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Mathematical equations on a whiteboard.

Discover inherent beauty in the practical application of math.

Department of Mathematics

About the Department of Mathematics

Welcome to the University of St. Thomas Department of Mathematics!

The Department of Mathematics recognizes both the inherent beauty in the discipline and the many areas of practical application of mathematics. Our faculty are active researchers and fully invested in our students. We have several exciting programs and centers, including the Mathematics Resource Center (MaRC) and the Center for Applied Mathematics (CAM).

The MaRC supports student learning in mathematics and provides placement advising, testing and free tutoring. The CAM is an endowed center with the primary goal of exposing students to the world of applied mathematics, providing research opportunities for students often in partnership with local businesses and industries.

The department offers a BA in mathematics (concentrations in applied math, pure math, statistics and teacher education) and BS in actuarial science.

Mathematics Resources and Research

Mathematics Resource Center (MaRC)

The Mathematics Resource Center (MaRC) supports student learning in mathematics through free drop-in peer tutoring and placement services.


Mathematics Course Placement

You are assigned a math placement score upon admission to St. Thomas, but you are welcome to take a placement exam to improve this score.

Placement Information

Center for Applied Mathematics (CAM)

The Center for Applied Mathematics (CAM) is an endowed center with the primary goal of exposing students to the world of applied mathematics.

CAM, CAMIO, Colloquium

Undergraduate Research

The CAM supports faculty and students in working on research projects during the summer, which often include a local industrial or business partner.

Math Transfer Credits

To inquire about transferring a math course to St. Thomas, email Dr. Magdalena Stolarska with a course description and syllabus for the course you'd like to take.

Math Transfer Credits

Math Developmental Courses

If your math placement score is 099, you can earn placement into Math 100, Math 101 or Math 108 by successfully completing Math 005 (Math 100, Math 101) or Math 006 (Math 108).

Career Options with a Mathematics Degree

At most companies, there is no “mathematician” position, so it is natural to ask, “What can I do with a mathematics degree?”

Our majors are hired at an extremely high rate in a wide variety of jobs. Employers want to hire analytical and literal thinkers who can work independently or in groups, solve complex problems and comfortably employ different approaches in their work.

Along with teaching and continued study in graduate fields, our majors often work for companies as analysts, forecasters or networkers. We have seen graduates get hired by a wide spectrum of companies, and recently have commonly found work with companies in health care, medical device manufacturing, finance, construction or product marketing.

Here are a few examples of career paths our majors take after graduation:

  • Lawyer
  • Statistician
  • Forecaster
  • Data Scientist
  • Actuarial Analyst
  • Math Teacher/Professor


Mathematics professor Dr. Rebecca Patrias

Dr. Rebecca Patrias

Dr. Patrias solves problems in algebra and geometry by distilling them down to their fundamental combinatorial data.

Dr. Rebecca Patrias
Mathematics professor Dr. Sarah Anderson.

Dr. Sarah Anderson

Dr. Anderson examines problems in coding theory, particularly involving data storage and recovery.

Dr. Sarah Anderson
Mathematics professor Dr. Eric Rawdon.

Dr. Eric Rawdon

Dr. Rawdon recently received a three-year National Science Foundation grant to support research with students.

Dr. Eric Rawdon

Department of Mathematics Contact Information

For further inquiries, please contact us!

Mailing Address

University of St. Thomas 
Mail: OSS 201 Mathematics 
2115 Summit Avenue 
St. Paul, MN 55105

Campus Location

The mathematics department is located on the second floor of OSS (O'Shaughnessy Science Hall) at the NW corner of Cretin and Grand Avenues.