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Heather Shirey

Professor and Chair, Art History

American Culture and Difference
Art History
Diversity Leadership

  • Education
  • BA, University of Iowa
    MA, Tulane University
    PhD, Indiana University
  • Expertise
  • Art of the African Diaspora, Street Art, History of Photography

As art historians and citizens of the world, it is essential for us to engage deeply and analytically with visual culture, both in the classroom in our everyday lives. Topics of interest in my courses include race & identity, migrations & diasporas, and museums & their communities. My research focuses on the arts of the African Diaspora, the history of photography, and global street art.

I am the co-director of Urban Art Mapping Research Project, a multi-disciplinary group of faculty and students engaged in the analysis of art in the streets since 2018. We are actively documenting and analyzing street art created in the context of Covid-19 (Urban Art Mapping: COVID-19 Street Art) and the 2020 Uprisings (George Floyd and Anti-Racist Street Art)

George Floyd and Anti-Racist Street Art

Urban Art Mapping: COVID-19 Street Art

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