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Students work on with lasers in a Physics Lab.

Make an impact

Research Opportunities

Improve the World Around You

The College of Arts and Sciences supports faculty and students to collaborate on a variety of research projects every year. The efforts span a wide range of interests, like the effects of Instagram on body image or examining the connection between young adult dystopian novels and our post-9/11 society.

Students present their research during the Undergraduate Research Poster Session.

Gaining valuable skills

Undergraduate Research

Our students have the rare opportunity to do research as an undergraduate. They gain invaluable, practical skills that set them up for future success in graduate school or the workplace.

Research at St. Thomas
Student presents about their research.

Building on a firm foundation

Graduate Research

Graduate students in the College of Arts and Sciences hone their research skills and deepen their knowledge by exploring topics they’re passionate about. While growing, they receive invaluable mentorship and guidance from supportive faculty.

Research at St. Thomas

“Being able to work on a research project at St. Thomas has been enlightening...On top of improving my academic abilities, I was able to work on a project that I am passionate about.”

Madeline Peters ‘21

Recent Projects

Our students and faculty are conducting research that has real impact on our community. Here are a few projects that have recently been completed in the College.

History Professor David Williard and Bontu Gemeda ‘19

Disruption in the Delta

Bontu Gemeda ‘19 and Dr. David Williard (History) researched how policies in Mississippi had an impact on African Americans after Brown v. Board of Education.

Finding a Path Through History
Dr. Paul Lorah works with Alice Ready and Emma Rinn in a field.

Using Drones for Conservation

Dr. Paul Lorah, Alice Ready ‘19 and Emma Rinn ‘19 collected and analyzed drone-acquired images to understand how topography influences prairie fires.

Using Drones for Conservation
Dr. Lisa Prevette and Jack Queenan in a lab.

Creating Nanoparticles

Jack Queenan ‘21 partnered with Dr. Lisa Prevette to create nanoparticles that could one day be used to deliver insulin for diabetics.

Creating Nanoparticles
An iPhone screen.

Instagram and Anxiety

Megan Lindloff partnered with faculty from neuroscience and psychology to research the effects of Instagram on women’s body image and visual attentional bias.

Instagram and Anxiety
T Palace of Westminster in London.

Brexit and the UK’s Economic Well-Being

Sam Broten and Dr. Adam Check in economics used moments throughout history as a guide to forecast the UK’s economic well-being if they leave the European Union.

Research at St. Thomas

It is easy to get involved with research

Our faculty are eager to chat about research with students. Some students learn about their professor’s research in class; others find out in a one-on-one meeting. Either way, we know you’ll find a professor who shares your interests.