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Four cadets stand at attention while performing a military honor guard ceremony during a Saint Thomas commencement ceremony.

Full-time College Student, Part-time Cadet

Air Force ROTC Cadet Life

Several cadets perform military saber honors during a Saint Thomas homecoming parade.

Best of Both Worlds

Regular College Student While Pursuing a Commission

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Training Program

You will train part-time as an Air Force ROTC cadet while pursuing your undergraduate degree at the same time.
A close-in shot of a cadet within a larger audience.

Aerospace Courses

As part of the aerospace studies minor, freshmen and sophomores program take a 1-credit course, while juniors and seniors take a 4-credit course.
Four cadets march while performing an honor guard detail on the Saint Thomas football field.

Leadership Lab (LLAB)

LAB is a zero-credit course and is approximately 2 hours each week. Most of the hands-on military training occurs here.
Four cadets run in physical fitness attire across Saint Thomas campus.

Physical Training (PT)

Physical fitness is a zero-credit course and is approximately one hour, twice per week. Cadets complete a fitness assessment test each semester.