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A student pipettes material during a lab.

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About the Department of Biology

The Biology Department at the University of St. Thomas is a professionally engaged community that equips undergraduate students to find their passions, embark on meaningful careers and become responsible, scientifically literate citizens through authentic experiences in science. As a biology student, you will discover how to employ your scientific skills to serve the common good of humanity, while respecting the diversity of life on our planet.

Our biology and biology of global health programs are flexible, allowing you to individualize your course plans to support your interests and career goals. Throughout your time at St. Thomas, you will acquire a versatile and transferrable skill set grounded in the natural sciences that is needed in a diverse array of careers, such as medicine, dentistry, biomedical science, public health, agriculture, environmental science and more.

Our Majors and Minors

Our department is dedicated to providing you with a creative, engaging and flexible program of study that stimulates your intellectual curiosity. You will feel prepared for a range of careers, including (but not limited to) the health professions, environmental sciences, data analytics and business.

Related Programs

Our courses intersect with multiple programs at the university, which means you will have the opportunity to complete courses in our department.

Academic excellence for the common good

As a student in our department, you will have the opportunity to engage in multiple rewarding opportunities inside and outside of the classroom throughout your undergraduate career.

Bottles of yellow liquid in the foreground and a student in the background working in a lab.

Meaningful Classroom Experiences

Our courses are current and infused with opportunities for students to engage in impactful collaborative projects with the public and professionals.

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Dr. Gaston “Chip” Small looking at a computer in the middle of field of an experimental garden.

Impactful Research

Our faculty are practicing scientists whose research supports scientific progress and informs environmental and public health policies.

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Student speaks with guests at the STEM Booth at the Minnesota State Fair.

Giving Back

Throughout your time in our programs, you will develop an appreciation for the interaction between health, the environment and social issues.

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Headshot of alumna Fatoumata Jaiteh.

Changemaking for the Common Good

Fatoumata Jaiteh ‘19

Inspired by the Health Changemaker Biology course she created with Dr. Adam Kay, Fatoumata started From Mother to You, a nonprofit dedicated to gathering resources Gambian mothers need in the early months of their children's lives. Fatoumata had the confidence to develop an informed course of action to make an impact on a problem close to her heart because of her biology and global health courses.


Our faculty are active researchers and dedicated teachers that are excited to interact with you inside and outside of the classroom.

Headshot of Biology faculty member Dr. Kenichi Okamoto.

Dr. Kenichi Okamoto

Dr. Okamoto is an eco-evolutionary biologist who uses computational approaches to advance understanding of host-pathogen interactions. His work spans a variety of topics including disease control measures against endemic infections and management of the emergence of pathogen resistance.

Dr. Kenichi Okamoto
Biology faculty member Dr. Dalma Martinovic-Weigelt speaking with people at the Minnesota State Fair.

Dr. Dalma Martinović-Weigelt

Dr. Martinović-Weigelt is a toxicologist whose research aims to protect drinking water sources and informs control of chemical substances. She co-authored over fifty research manuscripts (many with students) and is a recipient of research funding from a variety of state and federal entities.

Dr. Dalma Martinović-Weigelt
Biology faculty member Dr. Adam Kay works in the Urban Flower Experimental Garden in downtown St. Paul.

Dr. Adam Kay

Dr. Kay's research focuses on "stewardship science," which combines environmental science research with community service. He is developing multiple projects, locally and internationally, that test hypotheses about small-scale farming. Each project is designed to make a direct contribution to the local community.

Dr. Adam Kay

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We are located on the third floor of the Owens Science Hall in room #352