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Photo of a Latino man at college graduation.

Una Visión Para La Vida

Habiger Institute Latino Scholars Program

About Latino Scholars

Habiger Institute for Catholic Leadership's Latino Scholars program helps remove the financial and social obstacles that often prevent Latino students and their families from achieving the goal of a four-year degree from a Catholic university.

We help students not only grow academically, professionally and spiritually, but build the leadership skills needed to make the world better in the workplace, in the broader Latino and Catholic communities, and at home.

Through rigorous academics, strong community, servant leadership development, and engaging faith formation, our Scholars grow in friendship, virtue and character. Personal academic counseling, individualized faculty mentoring and spiritual direction from our program chaplain are some of the reasons that Latino Scholars achieve success at St. Thomas and well beyond college.

Más allá de una educación, una visión para la vida.


Melina Arguello Sotro (English/Español)

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Latino Scholars Tuition Scholarships

Members of the Latino Scholars Program sitting and conversing


Financially within reach

Accepted Scholars who fully participate in the program are awarded scholarships on an annual basis in addition to their overall St. Thomas financial aid package. Contact us to receive more information about scholarships.

Program eligibility and application

Students who apply to the Habiger Institute Latino Scholars Program have:

  • Already been accepted to or are currently enrolled at the University of St. Thomas;
  • A 3.0 cumulative high school GPA or maintain a 3.0 cumulative St. Thomas GPA;
  • Demonstrated leadership ability; and,
  • Two personal references, including one from your parish or church pastor.