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Habiger Institute for Catholic Leadership

Catholic Studies Living and Learning

About Telos Living Learning Communities

Telos (τέλος): Greek for "purpose," "end," or "goal." You are beginning the tough, rewarding work of discovering your purpose, reaching new professional goals and becoming who God has created you to be.

Our Living Learning Communities align with a range of personal academic plans. They bring students from all majors and minors together to build deep friendship, strong faith, and meaningful careers. No need to be a major or minor in Catholic studies to live in a Telos Living Learning residence hall floor or house.

What connects you all is your mutual interest and joy found in exploring the most important questions of life.

While this includes community prayer time and Mass, it is also about dinner conversations full of laughter, intimate fireside chats in Sitzmann Hall and fun cultural and sports activities around the Twin Cities with faculty and mentors.

Students walk past Dowling Hall

Telos Residence Hall Men’s and Women’s Floors

Think seriously about what a fulfilling and successful career looks like after college and experience fun, friendship and faith in the process. Starting out in Dowling Hall’s Telos LLC helps you cover up to five core academic requirements, including the Learning Community requirement within the St. Thomas Core Curriculum. We provide the option for a two-year experience, so you have the time to create the sort of friendships that last a lifetime. Residence hall Telos communities are primarily first-year students. Telos House communities are available primarily for juniors and seniors.

Everyone…in the Catholic Men’s House is pursuing strength, intellectual seriousness, moral goodness, friendship and, at the end of it all, a relationship with God.

Charlie Rooney ’20