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Christopher Toner



  • Education
  • PhD, Notre Dame (2003)
  • Expertise
  • Moral theory, Aquinas, Military ethics
  • Research Interests
  • Virtue ethics, The nature and importance of home

Christopher Toner is Professor of Philosophy at the University of Saint Thomas, and an associate editor of the American Catholic Philosophical Quarterly.

Prior to coming to Saint Thomas in 2008, he was Associate Professor of Leadership and Ethics at the Air Command and Staff College and Distinguished Visiting Professor of Philosophy at the United States Air Force Academy; he also served six years as an Army officer. Dr. Toner did his graduate work at the University of Notre Dame, receiving his doctorate in 2003.

His research interests include Virtue Ethics, Ancient and Medieval Philosophy (especially Aristotle and Aquinas), and Military Ethics. He has published numerous articles on just war theory, the relationship between virtue and well-being, the self-centeredness objection to virtue ethics, the unity of the virtues, and Jane Austen on virtues as home-makers. He is currently working on a book tentatively entitled, Virtue, Home, and Happiness. Dr. Toner, his wife Ruth, and their four children live in the Apple Valley, Minnesota.

Associate Editor, American Catholic Philosophical Quarterly (ACPQ)

Academic History
PhD, Notre Dame 2003

Areas of Specialization
Moral Theory
Military Ethics

Previous Academic Position
Associate Professor of Leadership and Ethics, Air Command and Staff College

Distinguished Visiting Professor, USAF Academy, 2007-2008

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