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Donny Vigil

Associate Professor

Modern and Classical Languages

Dr. Donny A. Vigil received his Ph.D. from Purdue University in Spanish linguistics. He also holds degrees in Spanish applied linguistics and Spanish translation, and a graduate certificate in ESL. His areas of interest include Hispanic language and linguistics: phonetics, phonology and dialectology of Spanish and Portuguese, sociolinguistics, history of the Spanish language, language contact, language variation and change, New Mexico Spanish, pragmatics, discourse analysis and translation. He has taught Spanish since 1999, including beginning, intermediate and advanced Spanish, advanced Spanish grammar and composition, introduction to Hispanic linguistics, Spanish pronunciation and phonetics, Spanish morphology and syntax, Spanish dialectology, introduction to Spanish translation, history of the Spanish language, and Spanish teaching methodologies. Dr. Vigil’s research focuses on acoustic, phonetic, phonological, sociolinguistic, pragmatic and historical phenomena of the Spanish language, including the traditional variety of Spanish spoken in New Mexico.

Selected Publications:

Tight, Daniel G. and Donny A. Vigil. (2023). Phonetic Context, Task Formality, Learner
Level, and Orthographic Effects in L2 Spanish Palatal Obstruents. Studies in Hispanic and Lusophone Linguistics 16.1.249-277.

Vigil, Donny and Derrin Pinto. (2020). An Experimental Study on the Detection of Clicks in English. Pragmatics & Cognition 27.2.457-473.

Pinto, Derrin and Donny Vigil. (2020). Spanish Clicks in Discourse Marker Combinations. Journal of Pragmatics 159.1-11.

Pinto, Derrin and Donny Vigil. (2019). Searches and Clicks in Peninsular Spanish. Pragmatics 29.1.83-105.

Pinto, Derrin and Donny Vigil. (2018). Clicks as Discourse Markers in Peninsular Spanish. Spanish in Context 15.3.441-464.

Vigil, Donny A. (2018a). Rhotics of Taos, New Mexico Spanish: Variation and Change. Studies in Hispanic and Lusophone Linguistics 11.1.215-264.

Vigil, Donny. (2018b). Word-initial h Aspiration and the Presence of the Post-velar Fricative [χ] in New Mexico Spanish. Estudios de fonética experimental 27.97-124.

Hubert, Michael D. and Donny Vigil. (2017). Using Writing to Teach Pronunciation: An Experimental Fourth-Year University Spanish Language Phonetics/Phonology Course. Applied Language Learning 27.1&2.18-40.