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J. Thomas Ippoliti



The students of Dr. Ippoliti's research group are actively involved in four areas of research. All of these areas utilize organic synthesis to make new molecules. The first area is in the synthesis of novel antibacterial compounds or antibiotics. The class of antibiotic molecules we synthesize are called oxazolidinones. They are active against penicillin resistant bacteria and tuberculosis. The second area is the synthesis of novel heterocyclic molecules. These molecules can be used to make Zeolites or Metal Organic Frameworks (MOF). Zeolites are inorganic frameworks that can be used for catalysts or separations. MOF’s can be used for the storage of fuels in a solid-state. The can also be used to capture CO2, a greenhouse gas. The third area is the synthesis of new fluorescent molecules and upconverting nanoparticles for use as security taggants. The fourth area of research is in the area of thermochromic and photochromic molecules. These molecules change color reversibly with temperature or light, respectively.

If you are interested in joining the research group, contact Dr. Ippoliti.