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Jonathan Stoltz

Professor, Department Chair


  • Education
  • PhD, University of Virginia

  • Expertise
  • Indian/Tibetan Buddhist Philosophy, Epistemology, Philosophy of Logic

Jonathan Stoltz is a professor of philosophy and has been teaching at the University of St. Thomas since 2006. His scholarly research is focused on the areas of epistemology and the philosophy of logic, both in the 'Western' tradition and in the Indian and Tibetan traditions of philosophy.


2021 Illuminating the Mind: An Introduction to Buddhist Epistemology - New York: Oxford University Press.

2019 (co-authored with Pascale Hugon) The Roar of a Tibetan Lion: Phya pa Chos kyi seng ge’s Theory of Mind in Philosophical and Historical Perspective – Vienna: Austrian Academy of Sciences Press.

Selected Articles

2020 “On the Authorship of the Tshad ma’i de kho na nyid bsdus pa” – Revue d’Etudes Tibétaines 56, pp. 48-69.

2015 “Gendun Chöpel on the Status of Madhyamaka: Knowledge, Truth, and Testimony” – Journal of Buddhist Philosophy 1, pp. 39-57.

2014 “The Ethics (and Economics) of Tibetan Polyandry” – Journal of Buddhist Ethics 21, pp. 601-622.

2007 “Gettier and Factivity in Indo-Tibetan Epistemology” – The Philosophical Quarterly 57 (3), pp. 394-415.

2006 “Sakya Pandita and the Status of Concepts” – Philosophy East & West 56 (4), pp. 567-582.

Professional Memberships

American Academy of Religion American Philosophical Association International Association of Buddhist Studies