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Kanishka Chowdhury


American Culture and Difference

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  • Postcolonial Literature and Theory, Twentieth-century Cultural Theory, Contemporary South Asian Culture and Politics, Theories of Globalization

I’m interested in the ways that culture, politics, ethics, and aesthetics intersect, so in all of my classes, we analyze texts as part of complex social formations and in specific historical contexts. Recently, I’ve taught courses in cultural studies, immigrant literatures, global film, transnational literatures, and writing and resistance. I’ve also written on many of these topics, as well as on contemporary postcolonial cultures and their connections to emerging forms of citizenship and neoliberal economic changes.

My latest book, Human Rights Discourse in the Post-9/11 Age examines some of the contradictions that emerge in contemporary rights language when material relations are not sufficiently perceived or acknowledged while directing attention to the role of some rights talk in maintaining and managing the accelerated global project of capital accumulation.


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The New India: Citizenship, Subjectivity and Economic Liberalization. New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2011.

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