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Renee Buhr


International Studies
Political Science

Dr. Buhr joined UST in 2008 with specializations in International Relations and Comparative Politics. Her research interests include the study of nationalism and politics in Europe and the Former Soviet States and the effects of European integration. In addition to her teaching and research at St. Thomas, she has worked as a visiting researcher and professor at Sciences Po-Bordeaux, an institute for political studies in France. Dr. Buhr studied at the University of Wisconsin and the University of Chicago, as well as the Institut d'Etudes Politiques (Sciences Po-Aix) in Aix-en Provence, France. She worked in a number of organizations outside of academia, including the RAND Corporation, the Central Intelligence Agency and the World Bank (International Finance Corporation). She uses all of these experiences – academic and professional – to teach and advise students interested in Political Science and International Studies, and has served as the Director for the International Studies major since 2012.