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Tyler Schipper

Assistant Professor

Data Analytics

  • Education
  • B.A., Central College

    M.S., University of Oregon

    Ph.D., University of Oregon

  • Expertise
  • Macroeconomics, growth and development, forecasting

  • Research Interests
  • Informality in developing countries, real-time forecasting

Dr. Schipper studies the role of informal firms in developing economies and has recently shared his expertise at an OECD-sponsored conference in Argentina. He includes students on his research projects and also mentors students working on their own research as well as at data competitions.

At St. Thomas since 2014.

Check, A.J., Nolan, A.K., & Schipper, T.C. (2019). Forecasting GDP Growth using Disaggregated GDP Revisions. Economics Bulletin, 39(4).

Schipper, T.C. (2019). Informality, Innovation, and Aggregate Productivity Growth. Review of Development Economics. Review of Development Economics, 24(1), 125-143.

Allen, J., Nataraj, S., & Schipper, T.C. (2018). Strict Duality and Overlapping Productivity Distributions between Formal and Informal Firms. Journal of Development Economics, 135, 534-554.