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Department of History

About the History Department

History explores the relationship between two universal aspects of our human experience: time and culture. Time shapes everything we do. Cultures exist within societies that are made up of a complex combination of political and economic institutions, social norms and practices, and systems of knowledge and beliefs that a society creates in order to survive and flourish. History helps us understand why societies developed as they did and what influences shape their present and future.

Because history is the study of culture in time, it is entirely interdisciplinary. It is about how politics, economics, science, art, literature, philosophy and religion have contributed to create the cultures that make up today's world. History therefore equips us to explore the depth and breadth of the human condition in order to become more engaged citizens of our communities and the world.

History programs for every interest

The History Department offers an undergraduate major and minor and a wide variety of elective courses dealing with the principal periods and topics of American, European, and World history, as well as selected non-European/non-U.S. fields such as East Asia, Latin America, the Middle East, and the Atlantic world.

Related Programs

Our majors and minors pair well with a number of other programs throughout the University of St. Thomas.


Our faculty are scholar-educators who take seriously their responsibility to help students acquire the critical thinking and problem-solving skills necessary for success in their future careers.

Studio headshot of faculty member of Dr. Zsolt Nagy.

Dr. Zsolt Nagy

Dr. Nagy is a modern East and East-Central European historian and author of Great Expectations and Interwar Realities: Hungarian Cultural Diplomacy, 1918-1941, published by Central European University Press. Courses include Holocaust and Nazi Germany, History of the Soviet Union and The First World War.

Dr. Zsolt Nagy
Studio headshot of faculty member Dr. Shaherzad Ahmadi.

Dr. Shaherzad Ahmadi

Dr. Ahmadi is in the process of completing a book on the socioeconomic independence of border dwellers of Iran and Iraq and the long-term social and political consequences of porous borders in the region. Her courses include Non-state Actors in the Islamic World and History of the Shi'i-Sunni Split.

Dr. Shaherzad Ahmadi
Studio headshot of faculty member Dr. Kari Zimmerman.

Dr. Kari Zimmerman

Dr. Zimmerman is in the process of completing a book entitled Women of Independent Means: Female Entrepreneurs and Property Owners in Rio de Janeiro, 1869-1904. Her courses include Modern Latin America, History of Modern Brazil, Slavery in the Americas and Women and Families in the Americas.

Dr. Kari Zimmerman
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Making an Impact

Where are our alumni now?

Our alumni go on to engage in a wide range of activities and careers. Some continue their studies in law, museum studies, library science or doctoral degrees in history. Others go into foreign service or public policy work and business.

Contact Information

Do you have questions, or would you like to visit with someone in the History Department? We would be pleased to talk with you.

Department Chair, 651-962-5707
Administrative Assistant, 651-962-5730

Department Chair, zimm2550@stthomas.edu
Administrative Assistant, cleegard@stthomas.edu

Mailing Address

History Department, Mail #JRC 432
University of St. Thomas
2115 Summit Avenue
St. Paul, MN 55105-1078

Campus Location

Located on the fourth floor of John Roach Center (JRC) at the corner of Summit and Cleveland Avenues in St. Paul, Minnesota.