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A student participates in a lecture in a St. Thomas classroom.

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Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

About Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

Women, gender, and sexuality studies at the University of St. Thomas is an integrative program closely examining and critically analyzing gender and sexuality in our society. We bring together different disciplines to make sense of the social forces and assumptions shaping the lives of women and sexual minority individuals.

We provide you with the tools to understand and work toward gender equality, ultimately advancing the common good and respecting the dignity of every human. You will complete courses focusing on topics ranging from how communication impacts race, class and gender to a critical history of women in literature.

You will have the opportunity to partner with faculty on research and engage with community partners. For example, you can work with the Women's Environmental Institute to explore how environmental issues are actually women and gender issues.

Our program

A major or minor in women, gender, and sexuality studies will teach you about the contributions of people who have not always been recognized by our society. You will closely analyze how social forces and assumptions have shaped our ideas of gender and the lives of women and sexual minority individuals.

Related Programs

Women, gender, and sexuality studies pairs well with a number of other degrees at the university.

Students converse with each on a cliff overlooking a river on a beautiful sunny day.

Exploring environmental issues

Women’s Environmental Institute

We partner with the Women's Environmental Institute to further explore how environmental issues are also women and gender issues. The Institute's organic farm hosts workshops and volunteering opportunities, from farming to writing in nature workshops to classes on beekeeping. As the Institute's mission states, their farm is "a place for women and allies to renew, learn and organize for environmental justice."

A female student holds a microphone and asks a question during an event on the St. Thomas campus hosted by the Luann Dummer Center for Women.

The Luann Dummer Center for Women

A partner on campus

The Luann Dummer Center for Women (LDCW) addresses the needs and aspirations of women. The Center's educational programs, activities, and resources are available to students, faculty and staff of the university.

A student looks over an itinerary for the Minnesota Private College Job Fair as part of a Career Development Center seminar.

Gain practical experience

Internship Opportunities

We work with you to find internships that will help you gain the experience and knowledge you need in your future career. Students have interned with non-profits, advocacy groups, crisis intervention and victim services organizations and much more.

Career Development

Associated Faculty

Our associated faculty represent a range of departments and programs at the university. They are active scholars and excited to teach you throughout your undergraduate career.

Studio headshot of Dr. Paola Ehrmantraut.

Dr. Paola Ehrmantraut

Dr. Ehrmantraut is the director of women, gender, and sexuality studies. Her research focuses on gender and its representations in Latin American culture. She is currently researching how masculinities are negotiated in Argentine film and literature.

Dr. Paola Ehrmantraut
Studio headshot of Dr. Angela High-Pippert.

Dr. Angela-High Pippert

Dr. High-Pippert is a professor of political science. Her research interests include citizen participation in community energy initiatives, as well as women and politics. She teaches courses in American politics, women and politics, and public policy.

Dr. Angela-High Pippert
Studio headshot of Dr. Elizabeth Wilkinson.

Dr. Elizabeth Wilkinson

Dr. Wilkinson's teaching and research brings together seemingly divergent interests in indigenous literature, feminism and sports. A former college athlete herself, Dr. Wilkinson is writing an article about 19th and 20th century female athletes and women's suffrage, and a book on sports and feminism.

Dr. Elizabeth Wilkinson

Contact Information

Questions? Please feel free to reach out if you would like to learn more about our program.

Tel: 651-962-5159
Email: ehrm7444@stthomas.edu
Fax: 651-962-5266

Mailing Address

University of St. Thomas
2115 Summit Avenue, Mail #5027
St. Paul, MN 55105

Campus Location

Dr. Ehrmantraut’s office is located in the O’Shaughnessy Education Center in room 463 (building #5 on the campus map).